The Woman in Yellow by Purnima Bala
Free Stuff by Robert Boucheron
Two Earthlings by Neil Clark
Better Than by Tommy Dean
Conversion Potential by Sally Doherty
Someday by Chris Milam

Previously published

Riham Adly: Unlikely
Mehreen Ahmed: Bad Bone
Kamil Ahsan: Triplets
David Alexander: The Right Ones
Emma Allmann: Signs of Life
John Alty: On the Road Again
Sarah Arantza Amador: A Reckoning
Sandra Arnold: Team-building
Mileva Anastasiadou: How To Love People You No Longer Respect
Derek Andersen: Sunday School
Helen Victoria Anderson: Cast In Order Of Appearance
Jules Archer: Farm Fresh
Anna Ascott: Waves
Amber Aspinall: The Girl Who Sells Bananas
David S. Atkinson: No Way Out Once Inside
Steph Auteri: What We Inherit
Nina Badzin: Meet the Vines
Alicia Bakewell: Gunmetal | Breaking News Just South of Alice Springs
Ray Ball: Nothing to Apologize For
Chloe Banks: Exchange Rate
Elodie Rose Barnes: The Author
Jonathan Berger: What Toads See
Philip Berry: The Aesthete
Laura Besley: The Motherhood Contract | Life Forms (A Triptych)
Danny Beusch: Father and I, Refuse Collectors, District 6
Susmita Bhattacharya: A Lesson in Shadow Puppetry Learnt the Difficult Way | Skin
Chaya Bhuvaneswar: The Orphan Handler
Mason Binkley: Helen
Judy Birkbeck: Ginger
Nick Black: New Little Queenie | No Children, Partners Or Parents Were Sacrificed For The Making Of This Flash | No One’s Going To Talk About A Drought For Years | Among the Breeders
JL Bogenschneider: Breadscent
J. Bradley: Glass Houses | Motherhood | 1 Samuel 17
Angelita Bradney: Gap
Ruth Brandt: Sheet Music
Sian Brighal: The Heretic | The Pragmatist | Beneath the Surface | Land of Sale
Dan Brotzel: The Paths of the Great Lovers Cross at Victoria Station | In the Hour of Need
Caroline Butterwick: Two Weeks After The World Ended
Barbara Byar: All the Things We Cannot Say
Steve Campbell: Christmas, 1981
Jane-Rebecca Cannarella: On Saying Farewell to the World’s Oldest Spider
Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon: Crossing the Border
Anika Carpenter: Visits to the Archive of Obsolete Sounds
Michelle Christophorou: Haircut
F. E. Clark: Pilgrimage to a Ghost Township | Gall
Hanna Clark: Four Signs It Is Over | For Alice | Lost and Searching
Peter J. Coles: Thin
Christine Collinson: Hope | Quetzalcoatl’s Gift | One Hundred and Ninety-Nine Steps | Where Brothers Walked
David Cook: Fillings | The Final Days of Strongman Joe | Toy Soldiers For Free | The Woman in the Red Ferrari | 63
Nicholas Cook: Global Warming
Billy Cowan: The Ex
Chauna Craig: Tock
Lori Cramer: Thirst
Marisa Crane: Something About Needs
Dan Crawley: The Story About The Inebriated Bread Truck Driver | Bio Dad | Bryce
Heather Cripps: We
Ian Critchley: The Last Summer
Christina Dalcher: There Is a Difference Between the Pas de Deux and the Solo | Neverland
Laura Danks: The London Underground has 270 stations, alphabetically ‘Angel’ is number 6
Tommy Dean: Watch Them Glitter
Emily Devane: The Word Swallower
Monica Dickson: Tolerance | A Little Tear
Barbara Diggs: This is How It Begins
Elaine Dillon: Until You Peel Back the Bark
Sara Dobbie: Tale of a Weaver
Jacqueline Doyle: Happy Hour at the Eagle Bar & Grill | Waking Up Late
Christopher M Drew: A Dream of Yesterday | I’m Demi Moore; My Father is Al Pacino | The Crossing
Marilyn Duarte: The Bicycle
Max Dunbar: Summer Song
Gary Duncan: And It Rained | Adjective, Ten Letters
Gareth Durasow: Screenlighter
Joely Dutton: Stronger Than Stitches, Stronger Than Glue
Caleb Echterling: A Hot Dog is the Pinnacle of Culinary Sophistication | Mr Puddles
Sarah Edghill: Beauty | Offering Service with a Smile | Jeopardy
Annette Edwards-Hill: Love is an Experiment Gone Wrong
Kimi Eisele: The Candle Holder
Shelley Elkovich: Je Ne Regrette Rien
Alex Evans: Bee Shells
Liz Falkingham Temple: Phar Lap’s Heart Cannot Be Moved
Michael Fertik: Sent
Rebecca Field: The Axolotl | What the Magpies Are Saying | The Marking of Swans
Joseph Finnegan: The Waiting
Darren Forster: Anna
Lisa Fox: Monster in the Bottle
Samuel J Fox: The Crack in Everything
Ann Gelder: Subject: Venera 13
Martin Geraghty: Special
Steve Gergley: Stacks//Alas
Elyse Giaimo: The Ring
Alison Theresa Gibson: Penguin Song
Nikoletta Gjoni: This is How a Sister Mourns
Bart Van Goethem: Run, Baby, Run
Fiona Goggin: Mud
Lucy Goldring: Trevor’s Head
Tim Goldstone: Not For You
Anita Goveas: A House Should be a Home
Jamie Graham: Glass Four | And Breathe
Jennifer Gravley: Roller Derby
Roppotucha Greenberg: The Girl Who Ate a Cat
Donna L Greenwood: Meat
Nick Gregorio: Darwin
Dave Gregory: Dive
Lydia Gregovic: The In-Between Space
Tianna Grosch: Thrills
Sophia Haddad: Heart on your Sleeve
Lee Hamblin: And From Somewhere Far Away, The Mother Watched On | Cold, Black, and Bitter | Tram 28
Marc Hamer: Alice
Hannah Hannan: The Fiduciary Game
Mary Hanrahan: The Departed
Janelle Hardacre: The Angel Dress | Behind Glass
Emily Harrison: How They Love | Dream Tunnel
Meriel Harrison: Vixen and Dog
GJ Hart: Janet’s Dave
David Hartley: Bertha
Jennifer Harvey: 1 + 1 = 3
Edward Haynes: Kintsugi
Gina Headden: Red-raw
Derek Heckman: Bread Crumbs
Duncan Hedges: A Craft Awry
Michelle Hemstedt: Incubus
Sabrina Hicks: Where the Hummingbirds Go
Valerie Hilal: Blow Dandelion Blow
Ann Hillesland: Two Sticks
James Hodgson: Rubies in your legs
Alva Holland: Amen | The E is Silent
Michael Holloway: Let’s All Be There
Sonia Hope: Belly
Kathy Hoyle: Black Dog | Damnatio Memoriae
Ulrica Hume: Jewel
Stephanie Hutton: Expedition | Places I Find My Daughter and Myself | Hall of Mirrors: Aspects of the writer-self in fiction
Christopher Iacono: The Twelve Opossums
Jason Jackson: Wild Spanish Boar, 1991 | Just as Cold and Gone
Maggie Jankuloska: Teeth in Heart | Fallen Peaches
Ross Jeffery: Tethered
Phebe Jewell: Missionary Positions
Steven John: Holly’s Party
Blake Johnson: Shades
Fee Johnstone: Bake Until Done
Gaynor Jones: Living With It | To My Three Year Old, Naked in the Bath | A Series of Small Things | Before the Nose
Josh Jones: Fat Hands
Karen Jones: The Wages of Sin | Wishlist
Kate Jones: Swings
Liz Jones: The Perfect Wave
Shelly Jones: A Fall Tradition
Peter Jordan: At the Bottom of the Glass
Patti Jurinski: F is For Flower
Gary Kaill: Exhibit on Temporary Loan
Anna Kander: Hydrangeas
Jan Kaneen: Six Things I’ll Have Done by the Time You Wake Up | Where Shadow Meets Shade
Jamie J. Kelly: Songbird
Jon Kemsley: Braving the Crowds
Jake Kendall: Just the Two of Us
Lisa Kenway: Fly in Fly out Love
Mark Joseph Kevlock: The End of Night
Amy J. Kirkwood: because of Oxford
Nooks Krannie: Pause
Veronica Klash: Smells Are Important
Al Kratz: Against the Dying of the Light
Dominic Laing: To Dad, on Turning 70
Janis Lane: Cabbage for Tea
Janice Leagra: Dagger
S.A. Leavesley: Extracting the Best Bits | Eel, Frog and Butterfly
Tamara Lebron: Window
Giselle Leeb: Funeral
Mark Left: The Arrival Of The Birds At Blakeney
Tucker Leighty-Phillips: Pass Out Game
Rica Lewis: The Thing That Lives Inside | A Moment, A Song
Spencer Litman: The Impossible Woman
Sophie van Llewyn: Water Horse | There Are No Sea Creatures
Adam Lock: Bruised Vanilla | Men Being Animals | Tattooed
Tim Love: Deathbed
Katie Lu: A Painting in the Sea
James McAdams: The Donderback Initiative | Skinemax
Ali McGrane: Fina’s Unusual Day | First Fear
Rob McIver: Stolen Lives
Elaine McKay: Glass
Amanda McLeod: Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need A Map | The Good Thief
Shannon McLeod: Even the Sudden Comes in Increments
Catherine McNamara: Love is an Infinite Victory
Barbara McVeigh: My Parents Went to Prague and All They Got Me was this Lousy T-shirt
David McVey: The Twelve Days of Christmas
Anita MacCallum: Invisible Women Suck Cherries
Kim Magowan & Michelle Ross: The Summer I Turned Thirteen
Andrew Maguire: The Hotel
FC Malby: An Invisible Force | You Listen to the Sound of Gulls
Louise Mangos: Criteria for Cocktail Hour on a Tropical Atoll | The Magic of the First Word
Carmen Marcus: The Glassel Prince
Adrian Markle: Let It Settle In
Jayne Martin: Grandpa’s Last Ride | A Place for Everything
Amber Massie-Blomfield: It’s Christmas Jumper Day at Jacksons Estate Agent
Michelle Matheson: The Scarlet Tang of Failure | When Juniper Burns
Helen Matthews: On Crosby Beach
Lynsey May: Beyond the Body
Enya Mayne: 21 Grams
Stephan Meijerhof: Socks
Jay Merill: Ghost Swimmer
Tiffany Meuret: Graveyard For Phobias
Chris Milam: The Great Columbus Motel Pool | Here Comes the Orange
Robert John Miller: Speed of Light
Damhnait Monaghan: Crash and Burn | The Eye of the Beholder
Jess Moody: Now Hold On
Sarah Mosedale: The Square on the Hypotenuse
Steven Moss: Dad Set Fire To A Field
Ashley Naftule: Two Alone In The Dark
Simon Nagel: Leftovers
Marc Nash: Thresh
Pet Negotiations by Hema Nataraju
Paul Negri: Quietus
Eric Andrew Newman: A Choral Chrysalis
Dan Nielsen: Bozo Junior
Benjamin Niespodziany: A Nice Night for a Drive
Richard de Nooy: Spring Cleaning
Eilise Norris: Herd, as in to keep together | Let Him Watch
Bayveen O’Connell: Love Cats
Ruth Ogilvie-Brown: Waiting
Amanda Oosthuizen: Girl Wrapped in Beads
Jose Luis Oseguera: Mémoire Subterranéen
Steph Osmanski: She’s Not Interested
Chris Panatier: The Lightning That Sent You
David Patteson: Legacy
Matt Paul: Release
Laura Pearson: Girls
Hannah Persaud: Indelible Crush | Kool-Aid and Jackie Chan
Billy Petersen: The Beach
Simon Pinkerton: Mr Wagmann
Jared Povanda: Counterpoint
Hyde by Charles Prelle
Santino Prinzi: Colour Tasting | Spotting
Sarah Priscus: Downwards, Forever
Simeon Ralph: A Marriage to the Earth
Alex Rankin: This Week
kerry rawlinson: Redemption by Degrees, Centigrade
Clare Read: The Bible Didn’t Name Her
Mary Lynn Reed: Hour by Hour
Barbara Robinson: Bouncers
Shelley Roche-Jacques: Pure and Simple
Laure Van Rensburg: The Curtain Falls
Kiira Rhosair: Not that, Not that
Johanna Robinson: Learning to Share
Christina Rosso: A Woman’s Curse
Aeryn Rudel: Simulacra | The Inside People | What Kind of Hero? | The Rarest Cut
Karen Rust: A Parting Gesture
Theresa Ryder: Art Lesson
M.S.: Let it be known I’ve lived a full life
Amanda Saint: What I Know
JY Saville: The Lesson
Shannon Savvas: The Seamstress
Ray Scanlon: Lost on the Pike
Laura Scalzo: A Cocktail Dress is a Sorry Thing At Eight A.M. | The Cigarette Trick
Slawka G. Scarso: Like Making Bread
Karen Schauber: What a Babe
Robert Scott: Loving by Numbers
Sheila Scott: Shot in the Sky
Adam Sear: In Walpa Gorge
Heather Shaw: The Cove
Evan James Sheldon: To Catch a Ride
Hank Shepherd: The Smell
Jeanette Sheppard: How to Wear a Neon Sign
Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar: Them and Us
Jeanna Skinner: Brexit, Flags and Sausage Rolls
Emma Sloley: Househunting
Ben Slotky: We Can Say This Out Loud
Matthew Smart: Migrations
Chloe Smith: Secrets, Blood, and Paint
CR Smith: Perfect Conditions | Second Thoughts
Fiona Smith: Road Kill
Michael Grant Smith: I Will Teach the Prairie How to Dance | Weatherworn | Notes Regarding Your Escape | Night Guard | Mr. Fix-it | Pat’s Unlikely Star
Rachel Smith: Still Life
Alice Smoth: Chaos
Jack Somers: All Fun and Games
Anna Spence: Between Stations
Christopher Stanley: Under a Black Glass Ceiling
Alina Stefanescu: Two Brunettes
Chelsea Stickle: Don’t You Worry There’s Still Time
Hannah Storm: A Game of Two Halves | Smile for the Virgin, Boys | Birth Plan
Sutton Strother: The Conductor
Anne Summerfield: Better or Worse?
Philip Swanstrom Shaw: Squared Off
Annie Q. Syed: Silent Protest
Debbie Taggio: Rita
Daniel W. Thompson: Fists
Mary Thompson: Full Circle | How not to be a Massage Therapist
Paul Thompson: The Stillness of Fields | Good for the Garden | Open Heart Surgery
Greg Thorpe: My 1980s
Jamie Thunder: Beneath the Midday Sunshine
Gabrielle Turner: Dot Dot Dot
Josie Turner: Treat
Kaleb Tutt: Copper
Jo Varnish: Dog
Clio Velentza: Not Right
Emma Venables: Wires
David Joez Villaverde: Bucolia
Emma De Vito: The Beginning
Debbi Voisey: Awakening
Julian Wakeling: The Mating Call of the Accountant
Ran Walker: Walls
Sarah Wallis: The Swimming Lesson | The Scarecrow Child
Judi Walsh: Carpe Diem
Laura Ward-Smith: All the Words
Grant Watson: The Butterfly Room
Josh Weeks: Caramel
Philip Webb Gregg: All the Secrets I’ll Never Tell
Simon Webster: What Are You Looking At?
Lesley C. Weston: Time-Shift
Joyce Ann Wheatley: Until We Become the Sky
Rick White: You’ll Never be a Cat (Tabitha, in Therapy)
Brandy Wilkinson: Recovery
Rebecca Williams: Spare Rib | The Change | Punch Drunk
LA Wilson: Da Capo
Cecily Winter: A Fairytale: The Little House that Could
Jo Withers: Ties | Her First Name Was Janet | Moments
Ben Woodard: For to Thee Is This World Given
Shona Doyle Woods: Resilience
Su Yin Yap: Fudge
Chris Yoah: Peach Fuzz
Maura Yzmore: Imajean | Rimor Mortis | Mistletoe
Julie Zuckerman: Transition

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Image: Dustin Lee

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