Ellipsis Zine, Six: 2119

Congratulations to the following writers who have been selected for publication in the forthcoming zine, 2119.

A Good Result by Dettra Rose
After The Flood We Were All The Same by Hannah Clark
Awake Stages (The New Season) by Valerie Fox
Body Memory by Callum McLaughlin
Buyer’s Guilt by Emily Stronach Walker
Buyer’s Market by Jo Withers
Dead Already by Paul Thompson
Dickensian Noir by Gareth Durasow
Enhancement by Jennifer Riddalls
Finally… by Jamie Graham
Forever by Bayveen O’Connell
Glasnost in the Global Forest by Faye Brinsmead
Harvest by Sharon Telfer
Her Majesty, Lady of the Hydrogen Crown by Kit Breshears
In the Days of Automata by S.A. Leavesley
Many Worlds by Katy Madgwick
Modern Marriage by Rebecca Field
Mortality by Tom Marcantonio
Naked as the Day of Creation by Michael Grant Smith
Night Journey With My Father by Lucy Grace
Rain by Sian Brighal
Retribution by Jemma Beggs
Return to the White House by Sally Doherty
Silence by Ross Jeffery
SleepNatural by Hannah Whiteoak
Sorting Day by Philip Berry
The Civil War of a Prodigal Son by Barbara McVeigh
The Collective Unconscious of a Species Long Gone by Mileva Anastasiadou
The Drink You Can Eat by William Hall
The Future of Caring by Tom O’Brien
The Museum of Sheep by Anne Summerfield
The Tsunami by the Bay by Sasha Victor
The Useless Generation by Hannah Hannan
Treacherous Rainbows by Alison Layland
What Came from within Went Beyond by Nathan Alling Long
What We Found at Low Tide by Sutton Strother

* This call for submissions has now closed *
Our sixth zine will be a collection of micro-fiction of no more than 100 words. Please read the guidelines before submitting your work because our approach to processing submissions has changed since our last issue.
What and how to submit
  • The theme is ‘100 words, 100 years from now’. Please create pieces on any subject such as climate, politics, technology, consumersim, social media, life, love or death, etc. but they must somehow be set in 2119.
  • Email all submissions to: EllipsisZineSubs@gmail.com and format the subject line of your email with the title of your work. For example: 2119 – My Story Title.
  • Please do not use the number ‘2119’ within your submission or title.
  • Paste all submissions into the body of an email. Please don’t include any attachments.
  • The word count should not exceed 100, excluding the title.
  • A maximum of three submissions per author.
  • We may ask for, or suggest minor edits/changes to your piece before publication.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine but please let us know if you are accepted elsewhere as soon as possible.
  • All submissions must be currently unpublished online or in print. Pieces previously published on your personal blog or website are okay to submit, as are reprints from lit magazines that have folded or closed. Please highlight this in your submission.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia or religious hatred. Sex is acceptable if it is relevant to the piece.
  • Submissions close midnight, 12th September 2019
  • Author list published, 3rd October 2019
  • Zine released, 31st October 2019

To ensure the long-term future of the print side of Ellipsis, we have revised how we take work for our publications. To submit work to this zine, you can do one of the following:

  • Submit up to three pieces without payment and receive a digital copy of the publication if one of your pieces is selected for inclusion.
  • Submit up to three pieces and pay for a digital copy in advance. You’ll receive this copy regardless of whether your work is included or not. Cost: £3.00
  • Submit up to three pieces and pay for a print copy in advance. You’ll receive this copy regardless of whether your work is included or not. If your work is included, you’ll also receive a free digital copy as above. Cost: £6.50
  • Sponsor an author on low income and allow them to submit and receive a digital or print copy of the publication. Cost: £3.00 or £6.50
  • Anyone with a current subscription can submit work free of charge and will receive their digital/print issue as normal.

Please make payments via the ‘Support’ link below and add a note. For example: 2119 digital copy / 2119 print copy. Please also include your email/postal address.

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