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Game Over by Gail Anderson

The end comes on a hot day, trees and cars throwing long shadows, lawns browning, tarmac oozing. Dark then light: Finn moves the ball from shade to sun, barely aware of the crisping grass under his running feet. Barely aware of the house to the north, his mother inside, the street to the south, out …

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Loomer by Lucy Goldring

When my loom band hobby becomes obsession Mum renames me. Take it as a compliment, she says, it’s a cool tune. Don’t say cool, Mother, I say, resolving never to listen to said tune. But someday I will. Although only ten, I know this. Generation Zedders are pathologically inquisitive, you see. Ignorance makes us twitch. …

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What I Know by Amanda Saint

Granny dropped dead in our kitchen when I was thirteen and Mother buried her in the back garden. In the sunny spot where they both liked to sit, Mother always with her back firmly turned to the dank corner where nothing ever grew. The house was sold a few years later as Mother said we …

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