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Apple Pie Aphorisms by Ellie Nava-Jones

Grandma always said the best apple pie starts with fruits with the sharpest bite. My house is filled with Christmas carols, bright and clear in digital remasters. We always made pie with old scratchy records, some long-forgotten Canadian band singing Auld Lang Syne. The oven is preheating, and I can hear her reminding me how …

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Dragonfly by Alpheus Williams

Mother has latticed wings, translucent tinted amber, sectioned like leaded glass in church windows.  Her flight is poetry, lyrical, beautiful, full of grace, deadly.  She kills on the wing, takes prey in taloned limbs, rips off wings and devours it headfirst.  Harnesses the wind, owns the air.  The physics of her flight is art and science.  She hovers, darts and …

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From Pretend I Am Real by Leigh Chadwick

Monogamy is buying a gun and watching your lover swallow all the bullets. This is what Leigh Chadwick thinks as she lies in bed, listening to the thunder outside her window. It’s night, late enough to almost be called morning. A streak of light cracks through the blinds. Whenever Leigh Chadwick sees lightning, she imagines …

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