Literary Magazines

A list of print and online literary magazines worth reading and submitting your work to.

Ad Hoc Fiction
Ad Hoc Fiction is a weekly free to enter flash/micro fiction competition run by Bath Flash Fiction Award. [Fiction or creative non-fiction.]

Cabinet of Heed
The Cabinet of Heed is a multi-drawered piece of furniture that grows hungry at various times of the year. The only way to sate The Cabinet’s hunger is to feed it great writing. [Poetry, fiction or creative nonfiction.]

Fictive Dream
If you write fiction with a contemporary feel that gives an insight into the human condition, then we’d like to hear from you. [Flash fiction.]

FlashBack Fiction
FlashBack Fiction is committed to publishing scintillating historical flash fiction from around the world. [Flash fiction, prose poetry and hybrid pieces.]

formercactus is an online magazine of prose and poetry. We release a new issue on the 15th day of each month. [Fiction or creative nonfiction.]

Lost Balloon
Lost Balloon publishes flash fiction, flash nonfiction, and prose poetry under 1,000 words. [Flash fiction, flash nonfiction and prose poetry.]

Marauder Literary Journal is a platform for emerging and established literary rogues. A place for unappreciated & over-worked writers. [Flash-fiction, short stories, interviews with creative figures, personal reflections on writing, novel extracts and creative non-fiction.]

MoonPark Review
MoonPark Review is an online literary journal devoted to publishing compelling, imaginative short prose that breaks our hearts, haunts us, makes us laugh, or gives us hope. [Flash fiction, prose poems, and hybrid forms.]

OCCULUM especially seeks neurodiverse writers and/or writers who often feel ostracized by the mainstream. [Prose, poems, and interviews and book reviews.]

Popshot Magazine
Illustrated magazine of short stories and poems by the literary new blood. Est. 2009. [Fiction, creative nonfiction or poetry.]

Open Pen
Open Pen is a free magazine comprised of short fiction by writers with something to say. It is stocked in independent bookshops across the UK. [Fiction or creative nonfiction.]

Reflex Fiction
Reflex Fiction, a quarterly international flash fiction competition for stories between 180 and 360 words. [Fiction.]

Spelk is a new platform for the very best flash fiction on the web. We post three stories a week, from both new and established writers, from the UK and overseas. [Flash fiction.]

Split Lit Magazine
We’re a literary journal of voice-driven writing with a pop culture twist. We publish online monthly and in print yearly. [Short stories, flash, poetry, memoir, music, reviews and interviews.]

Synaesthesia is an online literary and arts magazine. We publish two issues twice a year, and aim to engage writers and artists in an exploration of the senses. [Poetry, flash fiction, creative nonfiction, photography and art.]

The Drabble
The Drabble is dedicated to publishing original fiction, non-fiction, and poetic works of 100 words or less. [Flash fiction, non-fiction and poetry.]

The Fiction Pool
The Fiction Pool are looking for fiction which is bold and daring. Fiction which is experimental, rebellious and dreamy. [Flash fiction, short stories and poetry.]

TSS Publishing
TSS Publishing is home to the International Cambridge Short Story Prize and Flash Fiction 400 competition. [Short stories, flash fiction, and micro-fiction.]

TRAIN is an English-language flash fiction & poetry magazine based in the USA and Europe. Do your stories transport readers, leaving a lasting impression, in up to 500 words?  [Flash fiction, non-fiction and poetry.]

Twisted Sister Lit Mag
If you like things on the darker side, this is the place for you. Vampires, werewolves, zombies, shapeshifters or whatever, c’mon down. [Short stories, nonfiction, poetry and artwork.]

Zero Flash
Zero Flash is designed to publish works from some of the most creative people around; to praise and support and give a forum for discussion. [Flash fiction.]

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