Ellipsis Zine, Three

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Ellipsis Zine, Three. A collection of flash fiction. 300 words or fewer, from 45 of the best contemporary flash fiction writers.

This collection was compiled by Amelia Sachs and Steve Campbell. It includes the beautifully crafted words of: Alicia Bakewell, Victoria Bird, James Burr, Elizabeth Burton, K.B. Carle, Christine Collinson, Rupert Dastur, John Davies, Emily Devane, Christopher M Drew, Mariah Feria, Frances Gapper, Marie Gethins, Tim Goldstone, Sophia Rainbow Haddad, Mandy Huggins, Jason Jackson, Michele Finn Johnson, Gaynor Jones, Sophie Kearing, Emma Kernahan, Andrew Leach, Adam Lock, Helen McClory, Callum McLaughlin, Louise Mangos, Jayne Morley, FJ Morris, Traci Mullins, Clarrie Plommer, Ben Reynolds, Erin Schmiel, Bonnie Scott, Adam Sear, Jeanna Skinner, David Cramer Smith, Laurie Stone, Anne Summerfield, Annie Q. Syed, Ed Teja, Sharon Telfer, Chloe Tomlinson, Francine Witte, Alison Woodhouse and Julie Zuckerman

Image: Zoltan Tasi

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