Forthcoming A – Z

Alicia Bakewell: Gunmetal
Chaya Bhuvaneswar: The Orphan Handler
Sian Brighal: The Heretic
F. E. Clark: Pilgrimage to a Ghost Township
Dan Crawley: The Story About The Inebriated Bread Truck Driver
Christopher M Drew: I’m Demi Moore; My Father Is Al Pacino
Jamie Graham: Glass four
Liz Jones: The Perfect Wave
James McAdams: The Donderback Initiative
Laura Pearson: Girls
Laura Scalzo: A Cocktail Dress is a Sorry Thing At Eight A.M.

Published A – Z

Emma Allmann: Signs of Life
Madeline Anthes: The Way Our Voices Carry
Helen Victoria Anderson: Cast In Order Of Appearance
David S. Atkinson: No Way Out Once Inside
Sudha Balagopal: It’s Not You
Cath Barton: Across the field
Jonathan Berger: What Toads See
Philip Berry: The Aesthete
J. Bradley: Glass Houses
Angelita Bradney: Gap
Dylan Brie Ducey: The Mosquito Hawk
Sian Brighal: The Pragmatist
Steve Campbell: Christmas, 1981
Angela Caravan: Desk Lunch
Chloe N. Clark: Everyone’s at Our Place Even Though We’re Gone
David Cook: Fillings
Nicholas Cook: Global Warming
Christina Dalcher: There Is a Difference Between the Pas de Deux and the Solo, Neverland
Jacqueline Doyle: Happy Hour at the Eagle Bar & Grill
Christopher M Drew: A Dream of Yesterday
Max Dunbar: Summer Song
Caleb Echterling: A Hot Dog is the Pinnacle of Culinary Sophistication
Liz Falkingham Temple: Phar Lap’s Heart Cannot Be Moved
Michael Fertik: Sent
Darren Forster: Anna
Samuel J Fox: The Crack in Everything
Ron Gibson Jr.: Unwarp and Unweft
William Gilmer: Meals of Our Children
Tim Goldstone: Not For You
Hannah Gordon: A Woman’s Body is a Mystery, Except for Mine
Lee Hamblin: Cold, Black, and Bitter, Tram 28
Marc Hamer: Alice
Janelle Hardacre: The Angel Dress
Jennifer Harvey: 1 + 1 = 3
James Hodgson: Rubies in your legs
Alva Holland: Amen, The E is Silent
Kathy Hoyle: Black Dog
Stephanie Hutton: Expedition, Places I Find My Daughter and Myself
Christopher Iacono: The Twelve Opossums
Christopher James: TishFank
Maggie Jankuloska: Teeth in Heart
Fee Johnstone: Bake Until Done
Gaynor Jones: Living With It
Josh Jones: Fat Hands
Kate Jones: Swings
Anna Kander: Hydrangeas
Nooks Krannie: Pause
Al Kratz: Against the Dying of the Light
Janis Lane: Cabbage for Tea
S.A. Leavesley: Extracting the Best Bits
Emily Livingstone: Tuesday
Adam Lock: Deathbed
Tim Love: Men Being Animals
Ali McGrane: Fina’s Unusual Day
Kathryn McMahon: Flare
Catherine McNamara: Love is an Infinite Victory
FC Malby: An Invisible Force
Louise Mangos: Criteria for Cocktail Hour on a Tropical Atoll
Carmen Marcus: The Glassel Prince
Jay Merill: Ghost Swimmer
Chris Milam: The Great Columbus Motel Pool
Damhnait Monaghan: Crash and Burn
Steven Moss: Dad Set Fire To A Field
Dan Nielsen: Bozo Junior
Richard de Nooy: Spring Cleaning
Rob Parrish: This Is Not a Funhouse
Matt Paul: Release
Simon Pinkerton: Mr Wagmann
Kristen M. Ploetz: Roberta’s Twelve Step Program For Leaving Her Life
Santino Prinzi: Colour Tasting
Mary Lynn Reed: Hour by Hour
M.S.: Let it be known I’ve lived a full life
Ray Scanlon: Lost on the Pike
Slawka G. Scarso: Like Making Bread
Matthew Smart: Migrations
CR Smith: Second Thoughts
Fiona Smith: Road Kill
Jack Somers: All Fun and Games
Annie Q. Syed: Silent Protest
Arielle Tipa: Mannekin
Jennifer Todhunter: Night Call
Daniel W. Thompson: Fists
Paul Thompson: The Stillness of Fields
Jamie Thunder: Beneath the Midday Sunshine
Josie Turner: Treat
Cathy Ulrich: Girls’ Night In
Clio Velentza: Not Right
Debbi Voisey: Awakening
Josh Weeks: Caramel
Simon Webster: What Are You Looking At?
Lesley C. Weston: Time-Shift
Brandy Wilkinson: Recovery
Rebecca Williams: The Change
Ben Woodard: For to Thee Is This World Given
Maura Yzmore: Imajean

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Image: Dustin Lee