Forthcoming A – Z

Emma Allmann: Signs of Life
Madeline Anthes: The Way Our Voices Carry
David S. Atkinson: No Way Out Once Inside
Liz Falkingham Temple: Phar Lap’s Heart Cannot Be Moved
William Gilmer: Meals of Our Children
Lee Hamblin: Tram 28
Marc Hamer: Alice
Alva Holland: Amen
Christopher James: TishFank
Maggie Jankuloska: Teeth in Heart
Fee Johnstone: Bake Until Done
S.A. Leavesley: Extracting the Best Bits
Adam Lock: Men Being Animals
Carmen Marcus: The Glassel Prince
Munira Sayyid: Let it be known I’ve lived a full life
Daniel W. Thompson: Fists
Jamie Thunder: Beneath the Midday Sunshine
Josie Turner: Treat
Simon Webster: What Are You Looking At?
Rebecca Williams: The Change
Ben Woodard: For to Thee Is This World Given
Maura Yzmore: Imajean

Published A – Z

Helen Victoria Anderson
Cast In Order Of Appearance

Sudha Balagopal
It’s Not You

Cath Barton
Across the field

Philip Berry
The Aesthete

J. Bradley
Glass Houses

Angelita Bradney

Dylan Brie Ducey
The Mosquito Hawk

Sian Brighal
The Pragmatist

Angela Caravan
Desk Lunch

Chloe N. Clark
Everyone’s at Our Place Even Though We’re Gone

David Cook

Nicholas Cook
Global Warming

Christina Dalcher
There Is a Difference Between the Pas de Deux and the Solo, Neverland

Jacqueline Doyle
Happy Hour at the Eagle Bar & Grill

Christopher M Drew
A Dream of Yesterday

Max Dunbar
Summer Song

Caleb Echterling
A Hot Dog is the Pinnacle of Culinary Sophistication

Michael Fertik

Darren Forster

Samuel J Fox
The Crack in Everything

Tim Goldstone
Not For You

Hannah Gordon
A Woman’s Body is a Mystery, Except for Mine

Lee Hamblin
Cold, Black, and Bitter

Janelle Hardacre
The Angel Dress

Jennifer Harvey
1 + 1 = 3

James Hodgson
Rubies in your legs

Alva Holland
The E is Silent

Kathy Hoyle
Black Dog

Stephanie Hutton

Christopher Iacono
The Twelve Opossums

Gaynor Jones
Living With It

Josh Jones
Fat Hands

Kate Jones

Anna Kander

Nooks Krannie

Al Kratz
Against the Dying of the Light

Janis Lane
Cabbage for Tea

Tim Love

Ali McGrane
Fina’s Unusual Day

Kathryn McMahon

Catherine McNamara
Love is an Infinite Victory

FC Malby
An Invisible Force

Louise Mangos
Criteria for Cocktail Hour on a Tropical Atoll

Chris Milam
The Great Columbus Motel Pool

Damhnait Monaghan
Crash and Burn

Steven Moss
Dad Set Fire To A Field

Dan Nielsen
Bozo Junior

Richard de Nooy
Spring Cleaning

Matt Paul

Simon Pinkerton
Mr Wagmann

Kristen M. Ploetz
Roberta’s Twelve Step Program For Leaving Her Life

Santino Prinzi
Colour Tasting

Mary Lynn Reed
Hour by Hour

Ray Scanlon
Lost on the Pike

Matthew Smart

CR Smith
Second Thoughts

Jack Somers
All Fun and Games

Arielle Tipa

Jennifer Todhunter
Night Call

Paul Thompson
The Stillness of Fields

Cathy Ulrich
Girls’ Night In

Clio Velentza
Not Right

Debbi Voisey

Lesley C. Weston

Brandy Wilkinson

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Image: Annie Spratt