Judy Birkbeck: Ginger
Sian Brighal: Beneath the Surface
Roppotucha Greenberg: The Girl Who Ate a Cat
Emily Harrison: How They Love
Jason Jackson: Just as Cold and Gone
Steven John: Holly’s Party
Lisa Kenway: Fly in Fly out Love
Rica Lewis: A Moment, A Song
Mark Left: The Arrival Of The Birds At Blakeney
Spencer Litman: The Impossible Woman
Andrew Maguire: The Hotel
FC Malby: You Listen to the Sound of Gulls
Aeryn Rudel: The Rarest Cut
Debbie Taggio: Rita

Previously published

Kamil Ahsan: Triplets
David Alexander: The Right Ones
Emma Allmann: Signs of Life
John Alty: On the Road Again
Sarah Arantza Amador: A Reckoning
Mileva Anastasiadou: How To Love People You No Longer Respect
Helen Victoria Anderson: Cast In Order Of Appearance
Jules Archer: Farm Fresh
Anna Ascott: Waves
Amber Aspinall: The Girl Who Sells Bananas
David S. Atkinson: No Way Out Once Inside
Steph Auteri: What We Inherit
Alicia Bakewell: Gunmetal | Breaking News Just South of Alice Springs
Ray Ball: Nothing to Apologize For
Jonathan Berger: What Toads See
Philip Berry: The Aesthete
Laura Besley: The Motherhood Contract
Danny Beusch: Father and I, Refuse Collectors, District 6
Susmita Bhattacharya: A Lesson in Shadow Puppetry Learnt the Difficult Way
Chaya Bhuvaneswar: The Orphan Handler
Mason Binkley: Helen
Nick Black: New Little Queenie | No Children, Partners Or Parents Were Sacrificed For The Making Of This Flash
JL Bogenschneider: Breadscent
J. Bradley: Glass Houses | Motherhood
Angelita Bradney: Gap
Sian Brighal: The Heretic | The Pragmatist
Dan Brotzel: The Paths of the Great Lovers Cross at Victoria Station
Steve Campbell: Christmas, 1981
Jane-Rebecca Cannarella: On Saying Farewell to the World’s Oldest Spider
Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon: Crossing the Border
F. E. Clark: Pilgrimage to a Ghost Township
Han Clark: Four Signs It Is Over
Christine Collinson: Hope
David Cook: Fillings | The Final Days of Strongman Joe | Toy Soldiers For Free
Nicholas Cook: Global Warming
Chauna Craig: Tock
Marisa Crane: Something About Needs
Dan Crawley: The Story About The Inebriated Bread Truck Driver | Bio Dad
Heather Cripps: We
Christina Dalcher: There Is a Difference Between the Pas de Deux and the Solo | Neverland
Laura Danks: The London Underground has 270 stations, alphabetically ‘Angel’ is number 6
Tommy Dean: Watch Them Glitter
Emily Devane: The Word Swallower
Monica Dickson: Tolerance
Elaine Dillon: Until You Peel Back the Bark
Jacqueline Doyle: Happy Hour at the Eagle Bar & Grill
Christopher M Drew: A Dream of Yesterday | I’m Demi Moore; My Father is Al Pacino
Max Dunbar: Summer Song
Caleb Echterling: A Hot Dog is the Pinnacle of Culinary Sophistication | Mr Puddles
Sarah Edghill: Beauty | Offering Service with a Smile
Kimi Eisele: The Candle Holder
Shelley Elkovich: Je Ne Regrette Rien
Liz Falkingham Temple: Phar Lap’s Heart Cannot Be Moved
Michael Fertik: Sent
Rebecca Field: The Axolotl
Joseph Finnegan: The Waiting
Darren Forster: Anna
Lisa Fox: Monster in the Bottle
Samuel J Fox: The Crack in Everything
Nikoletta Gjoni: This is How a Sister Mourns
Bart Van Goethem: Run, Baby, Run
Fiona Goggin: Mud
Tim Goldstone: Not For You
Anita Goveas: A House Should be a Home
Jamie Graham: Glass Four
Nick Gregorio: Darwin
Dave Gregory: Dive
Tianna Grosch: Thrills
Sophia Haddad: Heart on your Sleeve
Lee Hamblin: And From Somewhere Far Away, The Mother Watched On | Cold, Black, and Bitter | Tram 28
Marc Hamer: Alice
Mary Hanrahan: The Departed
Janelle Hardacre: The Angel Dress | Behind Glass
Meriel Harrison: Vixen and Dog
GJ Hart: Janet’s Dave
Jennifer Harvey: 1 + 1 = 3
Edward Haynes: Kintsugi
James Hodgson: Rubies in your legs
Alva Holland: Amen | The E is Silent
Michael Holloway: Let’s All Be There
Kathy Hoyle: Black Dog | Damnatio Memoriae
Ulrica Hume: Jewel
Stephanie Hutton: Expedition | Places I Find My Daughter and Myself
Christopher Iacono: The Twelve Opossums
Jason Jackson: Wild Spanish Boar, 1991
Maggie Jankuloska: Teeth in Heart
Fee Johnstone: Bake Until Done
Gaynor Jones: Living With It | To My Three Year Old, Naked in the Bath
Josh Jones: Fat Hands
Kate Jones: Swings
Liz Jones: The Perfect Wave
Peter Jordan: At the Bottom of the Glass
Patti Jurinski: F is For Flower
Anna Kander: Hydrangeas
Jan Kaneen: Six Things I’ll Have Done by the Time You Wake Up
Mark Joseph Kevlock: The End of Night
Nooks Krannie: Pause
Al Kratz: Against the Dying of the Light
Dominic Laing: To Dad, on Turning 70
Janis Lane: Cabbage for Tea
Janice Leagra: Dagger
S.A. Leavesley: Extracting the Best Bits
Tamara Lebron: Window
Giselle Leeb: Funeral
Rica Lewis: The Thing That Lives Inside
Sophie van Llewyn: Water Horse
Adam Lock: Bruised Vanilla | Men Being Animals | Tattooed
Tim Love: Deathbed
Katie Lu: A Painting in the Sea
James McAdams: The Donderback Initiative
Elaine McKay: Glass
Amanda McLeod: Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need A Map
Ali McGrane: Fina’s Unusual Day
Rob McIver: Stolen Lives
Catherine McNamara: Love is an Infinite Victory
Barbara McVeigh: My Parents Went to Prague and All They Got Me was this Lousy T-shirt
David McVey: The Twelve Days of Christmas
FC Malby: An Invisible Force
Louise Mangos: Criteria for Cocktail Hour on a Tropical Atoll
Carmen Marcus: The Glassel Prince
Michelle Matheson: The Scarlet Tang of Failure
Jay Merill: Ghost Swimmer
Tiffany Meuret: Graveyard For Phobias
Chris Milam: The Great Columbus Motel Pool
Damhnait Monaghan: Crash and Burn
Steven Moss: Dad Set Fire To A Field
Ashley Naftule: Two Alone In The Dark
Marc Nash: Thresh
Eric Andrew Newman: A Choral Chrysalis
Dan Nielsen: Bozo Junior
Richard de Nooy: Spring Cleaning
Eilise Norris: Herd, as in to keep together
Ruth Ogilvie-Brown: Waiting
Amanda Oosthuizen: Girl Wrapped in Beads
David Patteson: Legacy
Matt Paul: Release
Laura Pearson: Girls
Hannah Persaud: Indelible Crush
Billy Petersen: The Beach
Simon Pinkerton: Mr Wagmann
Santino Prinzi: Colour Tasting
Mary Lynn Reed: Hour by Hour
Barbara Robinson: Bouncers
Laure Van Rensburg: The Curtain Falls
Johanna Robinson: Learning to Share
Aeryn Rudel: Simulacra | The Inside People | What Kind of Hero?
Theresa Ryder: Art Lesson
M.S.: Let it be known I’ve lived a full life
JY Saville: The Lesson
Ray Scanlon: Lost on the Pike
Laura Scalzo: A Cocktail Dress is a Sorry Thing At Eight A.M. | The Cigarette Trick
Slawka G. Scarso: Like Making Bread
Karen Schauber: What a Babe
Adam Sear: In Walpa Gorge
Hank Shepherd: The Smell
Jeanette Sheppard: How to Wear a Neon Sign
Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar: Them and Us
Emma Sloley: Househunting
Matthew Smart: Migrations
Chloe Smith: Secrets, Blood, and Paint
CR Smith: Perfect Conditions | Second Thoughts
Fiona Smith: Road Kill
Michael Grant Smith: I Will Teach the Prairie How to Dance | Weatherworn | Notes Regarding Your Escape
Rachel Smith: Still Life
Alice Smoth: Chaos
Jack Somers: All Fun and Games
Alina Stefanescu: Two Brunettes
Hannah Storm: A Game of Two Halves
Sutton Strother: The Conductor
Anne Summerfield: Better or Worse?
Philip Swanstrom Shaw: Squared Off
Annie Q. Syed: Silent Protest
Daniel W. Thompson: Fists
Mary Thompson: Full Circle
Paul Thompson: The Stillness of Fields
Jamie Thunder: Beneath the Midday Sunshine
Josie Turner: Treat
Kaleb Tutt: Copper
Clio Velentza: Not Right
David Joez Villaverde: Bucolia
Debbi Voisey: Awakening
Ran Walker: Walls
Sarah Wallis: The Swimming Lesson
Judi Walsh: Carpe Diem
Laura Ward-Smith: All the Words
Josh Weeks: Caramel
Simon Webster: What Are You Looking At?
Lesley C. Weston: Time-Shift
Brandy Wilkinson: Recovery
Rebecca Williams: Spare Rib | The Change
Jo Withers: Ties
Ben Woodard: For to Thee Is This World Given
Chris Yoah: Peach Fuzz
Maura Yzmore: Imajean
Julie Zuckerman: Transition

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Image: Dustin Lee