Ellipsis Zine, Eleven: In the Belly of the Whale

Our eleventh zine is a collection of historical flash fiction of 1,000 words or fewer.

Author list
Denise Bayes, Laura Besley, Ruth Brandt, Rachel Canwell, Junyi Chew, Christine Collinson, Anne Daly, Kate Deimling, Donna Greenwood, Georgia Hilton, Kathryn Kulpa, Kik Lodge, Clare Martin, Emma McEvoy, Fiona McKay, Joyce Meggett, Mallika Narayanan, Bayveen O’Connell, Mandira Pattnaik, Lucy Peters, Brecht De Poortere, Christine Reeves, Electra Rhodes, Slawka G. Scarso, Diane Simmons, Jeff Taylor, Amy Vinturella, Michell Walshe and Jenny Woodhouse