Ellipsis Zine: Three

*Submissions open 30 March 2018. Please do not submit to this publication before that date.*

Please take a moment to read through the guidelines set out below before submitting, they have changed slightly from previous issues. Thank You.

This will be the third in a series of three print and digital zines and so will have the extremely clever and witty title of ‘Three’. You have two options when submitting work for consideration to this publication:

1. Submit no more than 300 words, fiction or non-fiction, in response to the prompt word ‘Three’.

The word can be included within your submission, form part of the title or used as a prompt for the narrative. Including the prompt word in the title is fine but the title can’t purely be one word. Interpret the prompt word in any way you see fit. Have fun with it – three lines, three paragraphs, three characters, three scenes, three lovers, three rooms, three siblings, three wheels, three years, etc. You get the idea.


2. Submit no more than 300 words, fiction or non-fiction, ignoring the prompt word completely.

Submissions close Midnight (GMT) 4th May 2018 and the list of work selected for publication will be released 17th May 2018 and published on this page.

This issue will be blind-read by Amelia Sachs.

What and how to submit

  • Email all submissions to: EllipsisZineSubs@gmail.com and format the subject line of your email as follows: Three – Fiction/NonFiction – My Story Title.
  • If your piece has been produced in response to the prompt please indicate this in your email.
  • Paste all submissions into the body of an email. Please don’t include any attachments.
  • The word limit is 300, excluding the title, although we’ll over-look a handful of words if you really can’t trim them out.
  • Submit a maximum of two pieces for consideration.
  • Submissions are open to anyone, whether previously published or not.
  • You don’t need a covering letter but if there is anything relevant about you to the story, then please add a few lines.
  • Submissions are independent to the website and so authors do not need to wait one month before re-submitting work.
  • Unfortunately we can no longer accept simultaneous submissions for any printed publications, this is due to several instances where pieces were withdrawn late in the selection process.
  • All submissions must be previously unpublished online or in print.
  • No racism, sexism, homophobia or religious hatred.
  • Please take a few moments to read some of the work on this site or purchase a zine to get a flavour of the work we tend to publish.
  • Please only submit your own work.
  • We do not edit submissions before publication, so please check it thoroughly before submitting.
  • The publication will include a mix of pieces written in response to the prompt and those that aren’t.
  • All published authors are entitled to a free copy, a discount of issues and a share in the royalties. See our royalties page for more details.

Image: Hans Eiskonen