Ellipsis Zine, Ten: Everything Has a Price

Our tenth zine is a collection of micro fiction and flash fiction of 100 words or fewer. The stories in this collection are inspired by the objects found in antique and collectable shops, and the people that visit them.

Author list: Gemma Al-Khayat, Jessica Andrews, Kathryn Armitage, Nicola Ashbrook, Eleonora Balsano, Laura Besley, Amy Bohlman, Christine Collinson, Rae Cowie, Brecht De Poortere, Sally Doherty, June Drake, Valerie Fox, Donna Greenwood, Alisdair Hodgson, Abi Hennig, Jude Higgins, John Holmes, Denny Jace Sarah Jackson, Janis Lane, Rosaleen Lynch, Fiona McKay, D. B. Miller, James Montgomery, Katy Naylor, Tom O’Brien, Gillian O’Shaughnessy, Mandira Pattnaik, Tamara Rogers, Paul Ruta, Victoria Stewart, Mark Stewart and Kristina Thornton.