Ellipsis Zine, Thirteen: Hoochie Coochie

A collection of humorous micro fiction from 29 of the best contemporary flash fiction writers.

Ellipsis Zine 13

Print and digital editions.

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Author List: Allan Miller, Bronwen Griffiths, Catherine O’Brien, Christine H. Chen, Debra Williams , Diane Simmons, Eleonora Balsano, Elizabeth Collis, Emily Macdonald, Emma Phillips, Fiona McKay, Hannan, Jane Broughton, John Holland, John Holmes, Karen Jones, Kay Rae Chomic, Keith Powell, Kim Murdock, Maggie Iribarne, Michael Conley, Rebecca Douglas, Rebecca Field, Samuel Edwards, Sarah Lewis, Sarah Royston, Slawka G. Scarso, T. L. Ransome and Zary Fekete.