A Pillow of White Roses by Christine Collinson

The livelihoods of ordinary people, from leech collector to loblolly boy, form a rich backdrop of human experience. This collection of historical flash fiction evokes those forgotten stories.

Print Edition

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Digital Editions

‘This collection represents a flash fiction writer at the top of their game. It’s extremely polished but there is still variety in the voice and tone. Every story has such beautiful and precise language, such carefully thought out imagery and details, and I enjoyed reading every piece.’
– Gaynor Jones, author of Among These Animals

‘Christine Collinson’s historical flash fiction is beautifully crafted, with not a detail out of place. Her stories have authenticity that is so hard to get right but is achieved effortlessly. Her writing will capture your head and your heart.’
– Emily Devane, founding editor of FlashBack Fiction

‘Christine Collinson’s historical flash fiction illuminates corners of English history that we thought we knew. Her well-researched attention to detail is always in service of character and plot, so you can lose yourself in an England that once was.’
– Sundial Magazine

Front cover image via unsplash.com