Ellipsis Zine: One

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Ellipsis Zine: One, a flash fiction anthology. 1,000 words or fewer, from 57 of the best contemporary flash fiction writers.

Life, love, friendship, solitude and death – as well as the introduction to a boy with chainsaws for arms – are just some of the themes covered within the beautifully crafted words of: David Alexander, Charles Allison, Stephanie Bento, Danny Beusch, Mark Dixon, Nick Black, J. Bradley, Sian Brighal, J. S. Chlapowski, F E Clark, Nicholas Cook, Christina Dalcher, Christopher M Drew, Joely Dutton, Caleb Echterling, Samuel J Fox, Melissa Goode, Bibi Hamblin, Lee Hamblin, Janelle Hardacre, Jennifer Harvey, Stephanie Hutton, Stephen Jackman, Jason Jackson, Maggie Jankuloska, Eleanor Jones, Gaynor Jones, Karen Jones, Jan Kaneen, Nathalie Kernot, Tyrel Kessinger, Kathy Lanzarotti, Janis Lane, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Louise Mangos, Zoë Meager, Chris Milam, Damhnait Monaghan, Alexandria Nicole, Richard de Nooy, Eilise Norris, Clodagh O’Brien, Simon Pinkerton, Amanda Quinn, Victoria Richards, Mark Sadler, JY Saville, T. L. Sherwood, Federica Silvi, Noa Sivan, Sophie Stern, Cathy Ulrich, Debbi Voisey, Sarah Wallis, Sophie Watson, Brandy Wilkinson and Yael van der Wouden.


“How does one characterise such a rich and incredibly diverse collection of flash fiction? “Genius might be pushing it a bit” (Sarah Wallis), so I think I’ll go with “life in a box at his feet” (Nick Black).”

“My contributor copy finally arrived and it looks Jean-Claude Van Damme good!”

“looks amazing and features a fantastic array of flash fiction! 10/10”

“The stories are sometimes utterly shocking and sometimes heartbreaking, but flow together fluidly. There is something in here for everyone to relate to personally and appreciate as art.”

“This joyous collection of written pieces explores many aspects of life. The stories creep around in your mind, subtly opening doors and cupboards that you thought were closed.”

Cover photograph: Davide Ragusa