Ellipsis Zine, Two

A flash fiction anthology. 300 words or fewer, from 40 of the best contemporary flash fiction writers.

This collection was compiled by Stephanie Hutton and Steve Campbell. It includes the beautifully crafted words of: Charles Allison, Angela Amman, Victoria Bird, Ed Broom, Sandra Chen, Christina Dalcher, Judy Darley, Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Alanna Donaldson, Christoper M Drew, Rachael Dunlop, Caleb Echterling, Alyson Faye, Kelly Griffiths, Janelle Hardacre, Elisabeth Hewer, Kurt Hoberg, John Holland, Alva Holland, Michael Hurst, Jason Jackson, Susan James, Gaynor Jones, Jad Josey, Sophie van Llewyn, Lucie McKnight Hardy, Tomas Marcantonio, Virginia M Mohlere, Richard de Nooy, Annie Percik, Luke Richardson, Helen Rye, T. L. Sherwood, Jack Somers, Paul Thompson, Adam Trodd, James Turner, Rebecca Williams, Lorraine Wilson and Maura Yzmore.


“A brilliant flash fiction showcase that is ideal for those random moments when you need nothing more than a quick literary fix…”

“OK I’ve started reading ‘Two’ from ‪EllipsisZine.‬ After every story I’m thinking oh I’ll tweet about that / look up the writer, it’s really that good.”

“The collection is excellent, and was a pleasure to skip through its well curated pages.”
C J Eggett

“Two is a wonderful collection of stories about fractured love affairs, twins, pregnancy, and even people splitting themselves in half or escaping their skin.”

Image: Matthew Henry