Dinosaur by Adam Lock

Adam Lock’s debut novella-in-flash, ‘Dinosaur’, follows the lives of Rebecca and Erik, intertwining their stories in a way only flash fiction can. Although their lives are held close within the pages of this Novella-in-Flash, they meet for only a short, albeit life-changing, time.
No one chooses who to love, only who to be with.

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Adam Lock is a new flash fiction master with an unflinching eye for the treacheries of love. His stories, which are brimming with urgency, leave the reader emotionally breathless.
Meg Pokrass, author of ‘Alligators At Night.’

Adam Lock is one of the finest voices in the UK when it comes to Flash Fiction and the Short Story form. Time and again we are blown away by his words, each passing story further cementing him as a writer to watch and a unique talent that needs to be discovered.
STORGY Magazine

Adam Lock has an unerring eye for the small details of everyday life, but his stories are big and bold, full of empathy and understanding.
Spelk Fiction

Punchy. Sophisticated. Unexpected. Just a few words to describe the work of Adam Lock, who has rapidly revealed himself as a writer with buckets of talent.
TSS Publishing

Adam Lock is a fine writer who, with skill and compassion, delves into the core of his characters’ ordinary and often unhappy lives.
Fictive Dream

Front cover artwork by John Gill