Ellipsis Zine, Twelve: Wade

Our twelfth zine is a collection of myths, legends and fairytales of 1,000 words or fewer.

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Author list
Stephanie Carty, David Cook, Lyndsey Croal, Tracy Fells, Alicia Fitton, Shaun Byron Fitzpatrick, Marie Gethins, Mathew Gostelow, Fannie H. Gray, Hannan, Vicky MacDonald Harris, Jude Higgins, Lauren Kardos, David Luntz, Rosaleen Lynch, Emily Macdonald, Emma McEvoy, Linda McMullen, James McPherson, Nora Nadjarian, Catherine O’Brien, Rachel O’Cleary, Charlotte Oliver, Keely O’Shaughnessy, Jeanette Sheppard, Chris Stanley, Chloe Timms, Alison Wassell and Alpheus Williams.