Three Sisters of Stone by Stephanie Hutton

Stephanie Hutton’s debut Novella-in-Flash, ‘Three Sisters of Stone’, follows three sisters over three decades as they manage adversity in very different ways, culminating in loss, growth and self-knowledge.
Winner of the 2019 Saboteur Award for Best Novella.

Three Sisters of Stone

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Reviews of ‘Three Sisters of Stone’.

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“Using a construction as magical as the third pig’s house of stones, Hutton’s Three Sisters of Stone builds on the plight of the three pigs, the magic of fairy tale and story telling, and weaves together a new journey of sisterhood, coming of age, and the power of imagination when facing down a world that is bent on blowing the house down.”
Al Kratz – @silverbackedG

“Hutton’s prose sparkles in Three Sisters of Stone; her keen eye for psychological detail opens doors to the complex world of three siblings as they navigate seas of childhood trauma, each in her own vessel. We are given a magical key, invited to live alongside these girls, to feel their pain and joy and perseverance. This is storytelling at its finest, and Hutton has proved herself a master of the novella-in-flash form. Expect great things from this author in times to come.”
Christina Dalcher, author of Vox – @CVDalcher

“Repeated abuse traumatises three little sisters, causing cracks as different as their personalities. As adults, these fissures threaten to split them in half, break their appearance of solid rock. In Three Sisters of Stone, Stephanie Hutton uses her deep understanding of the human psyche to show us how the eyes that look away can cause just as much harm as the hand that strikes.”
Sophie van Llewyn, author of Bottled Goods – @Sophie_van_L

“A parent’s cruelty echos through the years. Hutton articulates her characters’ response with economical language and sensitivity, entwining the threads of their stories with the deft fingers of a master weaver.”
Nod Ghosh – @nodghosh

“Three Sisters of Stone will sweep you into a secret world, the kind only siblings share. Humour and nostalgia shine through challenging times, as the sisters leave their childhood behind in very different ways. A tender insight into the moments that shape a family.”
Alicia Bakewell – @lissybakewell

Image: Louise Ryder Hall