3 Years and Counting…

Today, Ellipsis Zine turns three years old.

Since 2017, we’ve compiled and published seven print zines, three (soon to be four) single author publications – posting out 3,000+ print publications. We’ve received somewhere in the region of 3,600 web and print submissions – publishing 800 of them online and in print.

We’ve given space to novelists, established writers, fledgling writers and had the honour of publishing a handful of writers for the very first time, both in print an online.

Browse a complete list of all work we’ve published online here: authors page, or see a handful of randomly selected pieces, published over last 36 months, below. To find your own pieces, click here.

A Reckoning by Sarah Arantza Amor
Extracting the Best Bits by S. A. Leavesley
The Change by Rebbeca Williams
Tale of a Weaver by Sara Dobbie
Before the Nose by Gaynor Jones
Window by Tamara Lebron
How to Wear a Neon Sign by Jeanette Sheppard
The Conductor by Sutton Strother
Expedition by Stephanie Carty
Glass by Elaine McKay
Bunny by Nina Fosati
Black Dog by Kathy Hoyle

Thanks for submitting, reading, subscribing, following, retweeting and liking us, it means a lot. We wouldn’t be here without you.

Image: unsplash.com