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This website does not use cookies or site tracking of any kind, such as Google Analytics. We have better things to do with our time than trawl through lists of information about where our website visitors are coming from. Websites that we link to may use cookies, but we have no control over them.


Our website does not run any kind of online advertising and so no cookies are used to track your behaviour while navigating through these pages. As with website tracking, websites that we link to may run adverts, but we have no control over them.


Payments for any print or digital publications are handled via PayPal and so are governed by their privacy policies. It’s probably worth reading their privacy policy if you’re unsure of what information they hold on you: PayPal Privacy Policy


All newsletter subscribers are contacted via email. This is a double-opt in email subscription and no names have been added to this mailing list manually. In the event that you have subscribed to this list in error or wish to be removed, simply click the link in the footer of your newsletter or contact us.


All contributors supply their postal address and payment details via email. This information is not transferred to any third parties and is used solely to supply contributor copies and to make royalty payments.


If you would like to receive a list of information that you’ve supplied to Ellipsis in the past, or would like any or all of it deleted, please email ellipsiszinesubs at Please mark your email ‘Information Request’.

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