12 Months and Counting…

Today Ellipsis Zine has reached a milestone – 12 months of publishing.

I could never have imagined that this little online magazine would have grown to what it is today in such a short space of time. Since launching, I’ve compiled and published two (soon to be three) print zines, one novella-in-flash, and received somewhere in the region of 1,000 web and print submissions – publishing 290 of them online and in print.

I’ve been joined by an editorial board of seven ridiculously talented writers (who’ve been supportive and a source of sanity on more than one occasion), web visitors that number in the tens of thousands and almost 2,900 twitter followers.

These are numbers to be proud of. And I am. But each of those numbers is also a person who’s taken the time to engage with Ellipsis. And it’s that that makes me bloody proud.

I’ve given space to novelists, established flash fiction writers, fledgling writers – including myself (one of the perks of the job and it was Christmas) – and had the honour of publishing a handful of writers for the very first time, both in print an online. Who knows where they will go in the coming months and years, but it feels amazing to have had a little helping hand in their literary journey.

Soon after launch the website seemed to take on a life of its own, thanks, in no small part, to established writers who took a chance with an online journal with no heritage. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing back then and, a year on, I’m still only marginally more aware. But who cares when it all seems to be working?

Chris Milam’s flash fiction opened the website, so please do have another read of it. It’s still one of my favourites: The Great Columbus Motel Pool.

Thank you for hanging around for the last 12 months. Where shall we go next?


Image: Audrey Fretz