On the Filthy Side by Sarah Leavesley

“Nobody loves a pig wearing lipstick,” Bessie grunted to Clara as they snouted through their trough’s scraps.

Clara gobbled a turnip-top before replying, “At least lipstick doesn’t make my arse look big!”
“I can’t help my body shape!” Bessie stomped a trotter. “Besides, all the wildest boars prefer a little fat around the rump and ribs.”

“If you say so, dear.” Clara fluttered her eyelashes slyly.

“You swine,” Bessie squealed suddenly. “You’ve got mascara on!”

“Just making the most of my best assets. Want to come roll with me and the new young boars in that mud patch?”

Clara and Bessie slowly sashayed off towards the dirty side of the field, where the grass if not greener, definitely promised more fun.

Sarah Leavesley is a prize-winning fiction writer, poet, journalist and photographer, with flash published by journals including EllipsisJellyfish ReviewLitroSpelkFictive Dream and Bending Genres. Website: sarah-james.co.uk. She also runs V. Press poetry and flash fiction imprint.

Image: unsplash.com