Sebby’s Rocket by James Montgomery

Look, I know it ain’t much, a bottle of fizzy pop, nabbed after last night’s shift at the Golden Dragon, but your mom’s got foil, paints borrowed from working today’s kids’ club, and paper, all crinkly like, for flames from them thrusters – bog roll’s ours, at least – and I know it’s not the one you want, the one we promised, with the flashing lights, the countdown song, and God knows I’m cack-handed, will probably mess it all up, but we’re trying our hardest, and when we take off from here, someday soon, I swear by that there moon we’ll soar.

James Montgomery’s stories appear or are forthcoming in Truffle Magazine, The Hungry Ghost, Janus Literary, and Gone Lawn, amongst others. He won ‘Best Micro’ at the 2021 Retreat West Awards. Find him on Twitter at @JDMontgomery_