Six Things I’ll Have Done by the Time You Wake Up by Jan Kaneen

  1. Beachcombed my way through the rainbow of greys, pocketing only the most beautiful: pinkish-greys and mauvish-greys, round and cold and smooth and heavy.
  2. Found something perfect in the tideline, where sand meets silt, a piece of weathered granite flecked with silver like your stony eyes.
  3. Clenched it to my chest as I looked seaward.
  4. Unzipped my boots to cross the sandy margin barefoot, leaving scalloped footprints fading in my wake.
  5. Hugged my heavy greatcoat closer as the gale blustered fresh and fetid.
  6. Carried the burden into the raging waves without a backward glance.


Jan Kaneen is snowed under finishing an MA in Creative Writing at the OU. Her short stories and flash fictions have been published round and about and have won prizes at InkTears, Molotov Cocktail, Retreat West, Horror Scribes, Scribble and Zero flash. She blogs at and tweets as @Jankaneen1.

Image: Ruslan Valeev