The Art of Escapology by Nicola Ashbrook

All of the characters in ‘The Art of Escapology’ are escaping, being escaped from or helping others to escape. Some have a physical need to escape – from abuse, imprisonment, pursuers or even, in the case of Maria, the Holocaust. Others escape in less literal ways – with their mind, their imagination, by detaching themselves from reality. Whether running from high expectations, or loss, or trying to break out from gender stereotypes, all the protagonists are united by dissatisfaction in their status quo. Some find themselves unable to make the changes they yearn for; others are filled with disbelief that someone they love has left them behind.  

From heart-wrenching decisions to Georgian apothecaries to madcap adventures concocted by intelligent starfish, this collection will resonate with anyone who has ever felt trapped, misunderstood or hungered for change. 

I loved Nicola Ashbrook’s The Art of Escapology, the way these stories move effortlessly around the theme of escape. In the end it’s a book you won’t want to escape from.

Drew Gummerson, author of Seven Nights At The Flamingo Hotel

Escape with a wonderful range of characters in this flash fiction collection from Nicola Ashbrook. From the wunderkind Marissa to the calligraphy covered body, you’ll find yourself rooting for them all.

Orla Owen, PAH

‘The Art of Escapology’ is available to buy via Bearded Badger Publishing

Biography: Nicola Ashbrook is a writer from the north-west of England, having had a previous life in the NHS. Her flash fiction can be found in various places, including at Storgy, Reflex, Lunate, Retreat West and Capsule Stories. She tweets @NicolaAWrites and blogs at