Awards & Nominations

Saboteur Awards 2021 Shortlist

Best Novella – Gaynor Jones: Among These Animals
Best Short Story Collection – Jeanette Sheppard: Seventy Percent Water

Best Microfictions 2020 Nominations

Damhnait Monaghan: The Eye of the Beholder
Christine Collinson: Where Brothers Walked
Jo Withers: Her First Name Was Janet

The Pushcart Prize 2019 Nominations

Nick Black: Among the Breeders
Gaynor Jones: Before the Nose
Jo Varnish: Dog
Anita MacCallum: Invisible Women Suck Cherries
Jacqueline Doyle: Waking Up Late
Sabrina Hicks: Where Hummingbirds Go

Best of the Net 2019 Nominations

Dan Crawley: Bryce
Enya Mayne: 21 Grams
Chris Milam: Here Comes the Orange
Gaynor Jones: To My Three Year Old, Naked in the Bath

BIFFY 2018-2019 Winners

Alicia Bakewell: Breaking News Just South of Alice Springs
Barbara Robinson: Bouncers
Chloe Banks: Exchange Rate
Chloe Smith: Secrets, Blood and Paint
Jason Jackson: Wild Spanish Boar

Saboteur Awards 2019 Winner

Best Novella – Stephanie Hutton: Three Sisters of Stone

The Pushcart Prize 2018 Nominations

Helen Rye: Reunion (Published in Ellipsis Zine, Two)
Maura Yszmore: Mildew (Published in Ellipsis Zine, Four)
Gaynor Jones: To My Three Year Old, Naked in The Bath
Alicia Bakewell: Because all the cats are black (Published in Ellipsis Zine, Three)
Amanda McLeod: Where We’re Going, We Won’t Need A Map
Sarah Arantza Amador: A Reckoning

The Best Small Fictions 2018 Nominations

Susmita Bhattacharya: A lesson in Shadow Puppetry Learnt the Difficult Way
Jason Jackson: Wild Spanish Boar, 1991
Rebecca Williams: Spare Rib
Katie Lu: A Painting in the Sea
Adam Lock: Tattooed

Best of the Net 2018 Nominations

Emily Devane: The Word Swallower
Alva Holland: Amen
Stephanie Hutton: Places I Find My Daughter and Myself
Sutton Strother: The Conductor

The Pushcart Prize 2018 Nominations

Christina Dalcher: There Is a Difference Between the Pas de Deux and the Solo
Stephanie Hutton: Expedition
Richard de Nooy: Spring Cleaning
Federica Silvi: Thinking of the One Who Got Away (published in ‘One’)

The Best Small Fictions 2018 Nominations

Jennifer Harvey: 1 + 1 = 3

Image: Brigitte Tohm